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Finding Your Light In The Waters Of Salvage, Texas

Finding your Light in the Waters of Salvage, Texas

Sometimes when my imagination is a floating all about, I ponder on the ways that we can salvage what we’ve got.
To make a place that we can play but also live a better way. A place where water can thus flow and help the food and people grow. To treat our gifts of nature like they can not be replaced, and thus we just may have enough to keep us in this race. Humanity is running swiftly into challenged times so I pray that these examples will help some to find the signs that wake them up to thus prepare and thrive as we strive on.
Treasures hidden all about to keep the Artists looking out for parts and pieces they can use, the things they need to create and fuse the parts that will be talisman, rings for fingers, necklaces, and all the things that can be ground, shaped and wrought once they are found. Copper ore, some crystals too, sandstones, metals, slag, and whew… there’s just to much stuff hidden here and you can mine it through and through. Yup!

All sorts of things hidden in the Grotto at Kayak Bayou, and you could mine your share of the booty by the pound and then create the talisman for them followers of your crafts.

Start paddling your way to Salvage your future from the pasts of many others before you rather than start from scratch… start from salvage!
Once I turned a molehill into a mountain.
Now the woods are full of critters, birds and turtles, fish and frogs, hope you like a taste of nature, and get to come and stay a while. If you do and get a walking, take a mud soak, swim, or rest… I’m sure that when you leave from Salvage you will have seen the very best. Tis one example of the salvage put together for the people to see what can come of all the things that people just call trash. For a house or make a village. Create a future for the kids. Don’t throw away the work of ages but give in new life with such birth. Hope to see you all soon.
Then I put the Ship of Dream upon the mountain that I built. A pond to reflect what’s upon it, an some water thus to fill.
Never let anyone tell you that you can not create what you can dream of, but know it may take a lifetime to do it and unless it is your passion to succeed, your reason for living… don’t pretend that just anyone can do it. It takes work!

Darby Lettick

Creator of Salvage, Texas, Tiny Texas Houses, Pure Salvage Living, Discovery Architectural Antiques, and a way to great health and Peace within. Sustainable Building of Tiny Organic Houses for the empowerment of the people who can free themselves from the Matrix for Life.

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