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House of Insanity Haunted House & Halloween Festival 2017

Something terrible has happened in the small town of Salvage Texas. A presence has begun summoning darkness and every horror imaginable. What it is and why it’s happening here are questions still unanswered…

Calling all monsters, ghosts, freaks, and ghouls!

Bring your costumes and your courage!

Salvage Texas is proud to announce that our first large scale event will be taking place throughout ten days this October. We are hosting our very first haunted house and halloween festival.

San Antonio’s favorite Haunted House production company, the House of Insanity, will be running a haunted house unlike anything east Texas has yet experienced.

The structure is built entirely from old lumber and authentically haunted salvaged materials.

Don’t settle for fake sets and props, when you can experience the real thing at the House of Insanity Haunted House.

Guests are also able to explore the Halloween themed festival grounds full or horrific vendors, creepy foods, halloween games and entertainment for all ages.

HOI Flyer 2017

Haunted Overnight Accommodations

Play & Stay at Salvage Texas’ Haunted Tiny House Village and Campgrounds, available every night throughout October!

Guests can now reserve overnight accommodations at any of our tiny houses and campsites at Salvage Texas. Each tiny house will be decorated inside and outside with haunted halloween frights. Campers get to stay in designated terror sites and try to survive the night…

Rooms and campsites will be available every night the entire month of October until capacity is reached.

All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance of stay.

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