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Kayak Salvage Jewelry Mining In Salvage, Texas

Kayak Salvage Jewelry Mining in Salvage, Texas

Imagine if you can, exploring in the shade, extracting colorful bits of jewels from the past industrial works from decades ago. Stainless Steel #3, Cobalt 5, Cobalt 7, slags, iridescent glass, and sand casting rocks that all have to be handled carefully for sharp objects and dangers abound. A Salvage Safari, on Kayaks if you like, or by foot too… which ever works best for you.

Treasures by the pound to be found and taken away to form into art, as well as to return to sell in the only Pure Salvage Living Market in the USA. Truly a step in the directions no one would think in order to find out where the top of the box is, the Loophology of how to get out, and WOW… what is on the other side once the imagination is Freed.

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