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Want to stay in one of our Tiny Organic Cottages? It’s truly a life changing experience.

There are two ways to do this:

Call our  Host Danielle @ 210-324-0052

or check out our Airbnb listings:

Vicky Won

Vicky Too

Gingered Swan

Blue Moon

The Kidd


Thousands of people have experienced the magic of these houses we built-

And raved about it!

Book a stay today and feel it for yourself.


From the Kidd to our Gingered Swann… Vicky Won, or the Ark… options for a fantasy visit to Salvage, Tx. 

Savor the days with great gratitude for the opportunities to make a difference in the way the future turns out when we participate instead of just standing on the curb and watching the parade go by. Join us in the manifestation of dreams, visions that can empower many to grow a better world in 2022.